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How to check where goods originate, and how to get American-made alternatives when all you can find are imports.


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DAR Membership through my ancestor Benjamin Clement

I finally got around to pursuing membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution over the course of the past couple of years.  I am not really sure why I put it off for so long since it turned out I had most of the difficult work completed over 10 years ago. It... read more

Edward (Edwin) Wills b. 1826-1829

The information I have about Edward (Edwin) Wills is very limited and comes primarily from census data.  I have not been able to pinpoint his exact year of birth, his age varies from one census to another by just a couple of years. I am a descendant through his son... read more

Genealogy – Keeping Things Organized

If you have explored your family history for more than about oh, a half hour or so, you quickly realize how fast things can get away from you in terms of keeping order.  It starts out pretty simple, we are talking about family here, how hard can it be to keep track?... read more