Shabby chic decor & genealogy, a great combination!



Established in 2007.

Storyteller and shopkeeper: Lisa Isbell

The Way Things Are: There is a blog and a shop here, the links to each are featured prominently on the home page.  The blog is mostly for sharing  information connected to my heritage, I also write about Shabby Chic Decor and a variety of other things that interest me.

The Blog is arranged in categories – genealogy, shabby chic decor and “ad libetum” are the three most often updated.

The Shop is called the general mercantile. The merchandise varies, some of it is new and some of it isn’t – details are on each item.

More about me: I work full time and manage this website outside of traditional business hours and on weekends. I check the email daily, early in the morning and late in the evening.  Sometimes I fall down on the routine, but usually not for very long. Email is the best way to reach me (or through Facebook or Twitter). The website is modeled after the concept of the traditional old general mercantile of the late 19th, early 20th centuries when shopkeepers had a casual way of going, chatting with the folks and stepping in and out of the store as needed to attend to their everyday lives in between customers.

I hope you enjoy visiting and embrace the casual nature of it.




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  1. mick vest

    Is the company store still standing at Ware? Also is the engine house for the Kelly’s Creek Railroad still standing?

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