About Us

Lisa Isbell

Shopkeeper & Storyteller


Timekeeper Extraordinaire


Community Manager

Established in 2007.

White Oak Attic is a blog and a shop. I mostly write about my genealogy research and home decorating projects with the goal of having my home “tell” our unique family story. I like including practical everyday items out in the open where possible in order to save space but without cluttering things up. Farmhouse decor with a little bit of eclectic influence fits well as labels for all this since it includes artifacts from the past mixed with other things. The outcome is basically a live lab for popular home decor websites, tv shows, magazines and Pinterest projects since I turn to these sources often looking for ideas.   It really is like trying to work a giant puzzle in trying to find ways to keep out clutter, make my home look reasonably nice and still hold onto mementos and keepsakes.

There is a feature category in my blog called Ad Libetum. It is named for the Latin phrase meaning “as it pleases”. I’ve long been a fan of Lillian Jackson Braun. The main character in her mystery novels is a man named Jim Qwilleran, or “Qwill” for short. Among other things, he is a newspaper columnist in a small town back when newspapers were still a vital part of a community.  I thought it would be fun to have the same sort of creative outlet here so I made a place for it.  Now, if you know anything about those stories, you can appreciate my fantasy of one day being able to go one more step in copying that character in the management of a giant community trust fund while living a life of leisure.   It would be nice to be able to help people on that kind of scale.

This website is modeled after the concept of the traditional old general mercantile of the late 19th, early 20th centuries when shopkeepers had a casual way of going, chatting with the folks and stepping in and out of the store as needed to attend to their everyday lives in between customers.  The shopkeepers in these establishments often served several other roles in their community, including passing along some good stories and serving as a hub for information.  They were each completely unique according to the skills and personality of their owners.

I hope you enjoy visiting and embrace the casual nature of it.