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A Harmonious Relationship

I get a huge kick out of the quirky behavior of my dog Lucky and her sidekick Ramses.  Both pets are hard luck stories.  Lucky, came to us many years ago. Found abandoned in the woods, emaciated and suffering from a wicked case of mange.  We thought she had no hope...

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Back to My Lilian Jackson Braun Addiction

I mentioned in my last post I've changed jobs.  There's been a lot of stress with that.  Not really a bad kind of stress (is there really such a thing as good stress?) but just stress from a stuffed schedule, logistical matters, that kind of thing.  I have a 17 year...

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Just Plain Shabby Chic Decor

I started off this year thinking I would be expanding my online store and decided to really delve deep into the topic of shabby chic decor.  My intention was to offer a new post every day and that went well for a little while.  A casual conversation had at a Christmas...

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A Different Kind of March Wind

In like a lion and out like a lamb. The old axiom that describes the windy, sometimes stormy entrance of March and it's often much more calm exit into the warmer months of Springtime. Whether it comes as described in this old saying or not, March represents the change...

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