Farmhouse Decor

I am nostalgic. I enjoy genealogy research because as I learn where my ancestors were about the time some of the well known historic events take place, it makes history relevant to me in a more personal way. With some creativity, I’ve found I can have my little discoveries  as well as personal keepsakes surrounding me as part of my home decor without turning into a bunch of clutter. It’s definitely helpful that “vintage” anything has also become part of today’s decorating trends.

As I’ve started looking for a label to best describe what I’m trying to do, farmhouse decor often pops to the surface along with modern vintage and farmhouse antique. Shabby chic, another favorite of mine, kind of fits in here too but I’m finding it isn’t always practical to everyday living in a busy household.

My goal is to provide you with tips, resources and ideas for how to make your personal history come to life in your home. If nothing else you can see how some of my Pinterest discoveries actually turn out before you try them out for yourself.  Along with many other resources, this is one of my favorite places to look for ideas.



Just Plain Shabby Chic Decor

I started off this year thinking I would be expanding my online store and decided to really delve deep into the topic of shabby chic decor.  My intention was to offer a new post every day and that went well for a little while.  A casual conversation had at a Christmas...

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