The Company Store at Ward, WV | Kelly’s Creek Colliery Co. & Valley Camp Coal

The Company Store at Ward, WV | Kelly’s Creek Colliery Co. & Valley Camp Coal
Valley Camp Coal, Company Store, 1944, Ward West Virginia

Ward Store No. 5 1944

Kelly’s Creek Colliery, as I understand it, was the primary coal mining company in operation at Ward, WV.  It was owned by Valley Camp Coal.  Anyone familiar with coal mining operations has undoubtedly heard of the company store.  Mining companies often ran a store and provided housing for the workers.  The result was mostly a raw deal for the miners in my opinion since the prices in the store tended to be inflated and the miners were required to get their supplies there and have the purchases deducted from their pay.  It isn’t hard to see how the mining companies would make out like bandits in this scenario since they could buy low, sell high and exploit workers who had no opportunity to stretch their resources any further than allowed by the mining company.

Ward, West Virginia was a coal mining town in existence soley because of the Kelly’s Creek mining operation.  At it’s heart, just like many other similar communities in coal mining areas, was a company store.

Started in 1903, the Kelly’s Creek Colliery Company commissary served about 75-90 miners living at or near Ward, WV and was somewhat small compared to some other company stores of the day.

It was located near the mouth of Mill Hollow and not far from Rube’s Hollow. A larger store replaced it in 1906. The store expanded again sometime around 1911 with a new addition to the existing store. Over the years, the store continued to grow with the community.

The store burned in 1926 and was promptly replaced by a brick building that lasted until July 18th, 1947.  On this date another fire, one that started in the elevator shaft, completely destroyed it a second time.  The final store to open at Ward came in late 1948 and is said to have featured yellow tile, though the source I referred to for this article (the 1984 Ward Community Reunion Book) does not say whether the tile was floor, walls or elsewhere and mother doesn’t remember anything about any yellow tile.  She does remember going to the store with her father and my grandfather, Steve Kozak, and shopping for school supplies on his store credit.

There were also two small branch stores in operation at Cedar Grove and 2nd Five Mile over the years as the need dictated it.  These stores closed once there was no longer enough business to support them.

A number of store managers were employed to run the store. Here is a list, and when it’s known, the time frame and additional bits of information about them.  Comments with further information about the store and it’s employees are welcome, just type them in the comments field below, email them or leave them on the Facebook page.

  • John D. Pribble, Store Manager (likely the very first store manager; 1903-1905)
  • D.H. Putney, Store Manager, 1905-1907 ( his family is said to have been known far and wide around the time before and after the Civil War for their service to the Campbell’s Creek Coal Co.
  • Joseph Dawson, Store Manager, he is said to have served in this role until about 2 years before the mining company was sold to Valley Camp.
  • N.S. Brown was the final store manager before ownership changed to James A. Paisley and Valley Camp. He was the manager from 1915 to 1917.
  • B.W. Dyer, Store Manager for “many years”
  • T.M. Jones was “at the store for a few months before being moved to Triadelphia”
  • John Hall, Store Manager 1934
  • R.R. “Booker” Woodrum, Store Manager
  • J.B. Kennedy, Store Manager (said to be the final store manager for the store)


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  1. Lois Bannister Moon

    Mother (Maude Gunnoe) lived in Ward. Sisters, Ruth, Esther,Loretta,– Brothers, Fred, “Buster” who was killed in WWll. Mother Anna Gunnoe.

  2. Lisa

    Thanks for sharing about your family Lois!! I’m trying to get details on this year’s Ward reunion, whether it will take place? If you happen to know or know who I might call I would appreciate any help. I would like to post it here on the website.

  3. LaVerne McCombs Legg

    Someone on Cedar Grove Community School website trying to help her mother find her siblings that were given away for given up for adoption from Ward before 1947..Two sisters and two brothers.. The mothers name was either Marline or Marlene Lewis..The sibling that is trying to find them is Mary Lewis.Don’t know if they were adopted(private or open)..

  4. Carol L. DeMatteo

    Looking for any infomation / listing for my grandfather who worked at the Kelley’s Creek Colliery and died around 1940/41 Larry Chapman, no middle initial, wife Eathel Mona Chapman.
    Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.

  5. Mike O'Daniels

    My father, Roy Edward O’Daniels and my mother Freda Mae Morris were both born at Ward. My dad’s first job was at Kelley’s Creek Coal Company. His father, Henry (Dutch) O’Daniels was truant officer for the Eastern Part of Kanawha County. My dad’s mother’s name was Annie Hunt O’Daniels and my mother’s mother and father were Matti Giles Morris and Michael C. Morris. My mother is buried in the Ward Cementary.

  6. Albert Mounts

    The store at Ward was yellow tiles on the outside . This I can remenber from me and my uncle would walk to the store for mom .in 1950 it was the first big store I ever saw. It had large windows in the front and when you entered the stairs would be on your right side, when you made your puarches they would you bill in an air tube and send it upstaires. My phone #is 928-263 1187 if I can help with other questions.

  7. Scott Stephens

    My family both the Kelleys and Stephens lived in Ward. I finally made it to a Ward reunion a few years back and going again this year. I think my grandparents lived by the gas station? But I was told that their old house was finally brought down. I did pick up some Ward reunion books. If anyone is looking for certain people, let me know and I can scan these pages and send them to you. Books are loaded with pictures.

  8. Lisa

    Hi Scott,
    Do you have word about whether the reunion will happen this year. Please let me know if you have a contact person for it I could reach out to – I’d like to post information on the blog.

  9. Shelia Mitchell Coleman

    I lived with my grandfather, George C. Mitchell, in Ward West Virginia from 1950 until his death in 1959. I attended an elementary school there but can’t remember the name of the school. I also have a picture of me standing in my grandfather’s yard and I was about 7 years old at the time. My grandfather worked as a coal miner and he had children that also was born and resided in Ward. His children were Charlie, Thomas, Emmanuel, George Jr, Edith, Dorothy, Rosa, Louise, Ruby. I don’t know if anyone may remember this family but it would be nice to hear from someone that does. My grandfather and grandmother are both buried in Ward.


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