About Us

Established in 2007

We want to help you tell your family story with your home decor.

Farmhouse decor seems to be the best label for the style you’ll find in our shop but it’s also mixed with some eclectic and dabs of other styles too.  The goal is to use practical items as part of the decor, and decorative items to carry a purpose as “story prompts” that add interest.

Genealogy as the key to a home that tells your story

Genealogy is a great hobby to help you find the mix of objects to tell your story. Find your roots and you can open up all sorts of possibilities that have every room in your house sharing your family history with extended family and guests. Tasteful, low profile, accents that add interest and stir curiosity yet still fit in with modern decorating trends.

Home accents, not clutter

The key is focusing on less in terms of volume but more in terms of quality. Instead of collections of dozens of little what nots scattered through every nook and cranny, opt for larger statement pieces that tie to some moment in time that is relevant to your unique family history.  A place, an artifact you’ve managed to get or tasteful creativity that displays a small keepsake in a way that captures interest.

My history is your history

… well, almost.  If you go back a few generations in anyone’s family tree you find more and more connections to other people. What I’ve decided to do here is delve deeply into my own family roots and share what I find.  Even if we’re not connected by bloodlines, I’ll bet we’ll share a common part of geography or meaningful moment in history.

 A General Mercantile – our shop

As I find ways to bring my genealogy out into the rooms in my home, I’m sharing that too. Our shop is in the style of an old general mercantile where you might find a little bit of anything. We’re just getting it up and running and will be adding a mix of brand new retail goods, hand picked to fit a decor purpose of sharing our family history and vintage treasures we’ve rescued from estate sales and such. I hope you enjoy visiting and embrace the casual nature of it.