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Alabama’s Bicentennial 

View the video. Alabama is celebrating with many events leading up to her 200th birthday on December 14th, 2019.

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In the spirit of blooming where I’m planted I share Alabama genealogy found in my day to day life.  

Roach Cemetery – Hand Drawn Map

This is an update to a previous post about Roach Cemetery, the formal name of what I referred to as Butler, Faust, Foust, Roach Cemetery. In talking with my neighbor about what I was trying to do toward sharing information about this cemetery she provided a copy of this map.

Butler, Faust, Foust, Roach Cemetery, Shelby County, AL

The Butler, Faust, Roach Family Cemetery is located near our home here in Saginaw, Alabama in the Camp Branch Community. One afternoon my daughter and I took the horses out for a little afternoon excursion and found ourselves visiting this cemetery. I took photos of the stones.

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