Christmas in Ward, WV

I can only imagine what Christmas must have been like at Ward, WV. I was not there and have only the stories of grandparents, aunts, uncles and people who comment here on this blog to kindle my imagination. I believe it was special time. It was such a close-knit community, I know this because of how many still seek out the reunions and come here to my blog to remember it.

Stephens, Kelley & Hart Surnames of Ward, WV

Stephens, Kelley & Hart Surnames of Ward, WV

Today, I have added photos and records shared by Scott Stephens to the FREE file download box on this site. You will find photos of various Stephens family members with ties to Ward, West Virginia as well as commencement announcements of Ward Jr. High from 1940. There are documents – for Hart and Stephens surnames. Plus a headstone image of William Stephens taken at Ward Cemetery.

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