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White Oak Attic is about family history and traditions. As you look backward to discover yours, use these resources to find ideas. A collection of our favorites, some of our own and a place for you to share yours. 


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Our ancestors were creative. They used what they had on hand or they traded it for other things. Our blog reflects this practical, farmhouse style of life.

Use Historic Ship Replicas to Share Your Family History

I found these beautiful historic ship replicas to add to the general mercantile here at White Oak Attic. I think they are a perfect fit to our objective of home decor aimed at telling a family story because our genealogy trail often leads to a moment in history that...

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How to Tell Your Family Story with Home Decor

  I've been on a mission for the past couple of years to de-clutter but also hang onto my keepsakes. That sounds impossible, doesn't it? Turns out, it isn't. I read an interesting article suggesting the new generation isn't interested in holding onto...

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