Ward, West Virginia is a coal mining community that was thriving from the early 1900’s until the mid 1970’s.  My mother grew up there and both sets of my grandparents lived there when they were children.  I write about Ward here in my blog and I also write about all of my genealogy research.

Genealogy I have the blog posts arranged in a primary category named Genealogy, with sub-categories by surnames, location names and others that will develop as the need arises.  There is a menu visible from any blog article in the right margin, just click the black arrows to expand the categories and explore subcategories.

FREE File Downloads -Below is a collection of shared files for you to view and download.  Old photos of Ward, WV, family photos, and other documents associated with genealogy research.  The files are stored on the Internet at a free file sharing site and the tool below provides access to them (be patient, sometimes it takes a moment to load).

Check out our resources for West Virginia genealogy research. You’ll find a link to our 5,000+ member Facebook group and numerous state-specific resources. Each month we carefully examine a hard-to-find resource on our blog and post it for discussion within the group.


Reminisce or learn about Ward, West Virginia. Ward was a small, once-thriving, unincorporated, community in Kanawha County. My parents and grandparents were born and raised there and I’ve accumulated a lot of material about the area that I share here in my blog. This link will take you to a directory of all available articles that feature Ward as the main topic.

Articles and discussion associated with my Virginia patriot ancestry. Several of my family lines are documented to 17th and 18th century Virginia. This article category features profiles of each of my Virginia ancestors and shares available documentation and online resources.

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Edward (Edwin) Wills b. 1826-1829

The information I have about Edward (Edwin) Wills is very limited and comes primarily from census data.  I have not been able to pinpoint his exact year of birth, his age varies from one census to another by just a couple of years. I am a descendant through his son...

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